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Once upon a time.

Back in 2009, the idea of launching a distribution company for innovative products in the baby gear segment in the region saw light. At the time there was a niche in the market for high-end products that wasn’t being fully developed, which led us to complete a detailed market survey to find a way to fill in that gap as well as defining a pioneering commercial concept.    


The very next year MAPYR FZCO was born in the UAE, an adventurous and eager enterprise comprised of just a small group of people with a shared vision, passion and determination to do distribution differently. Together we’ve proudly raised our company from a small operation to a major player in the distribution market, one that continues to grow healthily thought-out the Middle East/Africa region. Along the way we have met new valued partners who believe in the same business model as us, one based on quality, reliance on each other and a generous dose of enthusiasm.  

MAPYR comes from the founders:

Marie & Pierre-Yves, it’s an acronym

MA from Marie

PY from Pierre-Yves and

R from Renoir their last name.

Our logo symbolizes the baby & child industry in a fun design, with the 4 cardinal points placed in a creative way.


The shape of the logo is formed by 4 Ms, playful & positive thanks to its round shapes. Some people even see an iconic brand of biscuits for babies. 

icon idea-04.png


The idea of launching a business activity for innovative products in the baby gear segment in the Middle East region.

icon idea-04-05.png


Establishment of


with a view to fill

in these gaps

icon idea-04-06.png


The family grows, with new team members and brands joining MAPYR

icon idea-04-07.png


MAPYR celebrates 10 years

of success with a team of

+30 people, 20 brands and

100 accounts segregated

as retailers, chains or

e-commerce partners


How it all started.

As far back as we can remember, family and a sense of community has always been important to both of us. Instilled by our respective parents from an early age, hard work, tolerance and the belief in others became important values that guided us through our professional lives. Today it is us who are the proud founding parents of MAPYR and we have done our best to try and encourage collaboration, diversity and eagerness, not only within the company but with all those we work with.

What started off as a one-man operation not so long ago and today has grown into a major regional distributor in the childcare business, is exactly what we always wanted: an atypical company, full of determined likeminded professionals who love a challenge, are good with people and understand that the best way to grow… is together.

Pierre-Yves & Marie-Pierre Renoir

Our inspirations.

Mapyr statements


01. Mission

Providers of exceptional products for the comfort and joy of children throughout the Middle East.

02. Vision

To be an essential force-for-good leader in the baby industry so that children and parents across MEA can enjoy life and become the best version of themselves.

03. Core values



There needs to be clear and defined parameters in which we feel part of something bigger than ourselves, but where we can also happily grow.

Flexibility is important, but structure is necessary for creating a sense of stability, reassurance and balance.



We know that the work we do is important, and we take pride in doing it well. We value dynamism and eagerness, ability and capability, and we contribute both as individuals and as part of a whole team.


We want to always be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished.


Getting involved has a lot of different benefits, but most importantly it expresses our courage of dedication, interest and willingness to succeed – which has the added value of helping us develop skills and abilities that we may not even have been aware of.




Shared accountability and acceptance of personal responsibility creates a sense of engagement and self-esteem and makes us accountable to deliver results.


We lead by example, are reliable, offer challenges and take ownership.



This is an important and compassionate aspect of our relationships because it requires us to choose to be vulnerable and courageous at the same time.


It is proof of our strength of character, enthusiasm as well as acting as a unifying energy to all involved.

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