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The difference is us.

Like any organization, ours is also comprised of different sections, similar to branches of a tribe. Each one is as important as the other, but the key is for them to work smoothly and efficiently together in order to provide the best possible service.

It all starts with our products, which fall into 6 categories: On the go  - Back to school  - Baby Essentials -  Mealtime - Playtime - Sleeptime and  are carefully chosen from our suppliers so that they represent the MAPYR philosophy; products that are either innovative and state-of-the-art in their use and design, or of exceptional quality.

As a distributor we are present all over the Middle East with our customers ranging from global to retail chains, but also include local stores specializing in baby products or e-retailers and online web retail.


In addition to simply being a distributor to our retail clients, we also provide tailor-made assistance based on your needs. This can range anywhere from recommendations on assortments, helping you navigate through local compliances, to digital marketing campaigns.


We believe that creating awareness and developing the brand is done collectively, that you are part of the family and that growing together is all important.


The brains behind it all.

The brands and products we represent are everything to us, and because of that we put a lot of care and attention into choosing them. Our team is constantly on the lookout for brands that adhere to our way of thinking, but more importantly that are an added value to your consumers.


Not just a partner but part of the family.


How we do it

Sectors of activities


At the heart of what we do.

We pride ourselves in being the best we can be, so that you get precisely what you ordered, in perfect condition and on time, regardless of where you are.

To do that we take great care in having the right tools, like climate-controlled warehouses and up to date software, but most importantly dedicated and experienced professionals who have only one thing in mind: you.

We go the extra mile so that you don't have to.


An eye for detail.

All our customers are unique, and because of that we tailor-made every offer based on your needs and the ones of your consumers. We identify the gaps that need to be filled and evaluate the best way to enhance your positioning as unique on the market Together, we are always looking to grow

What's good for you is good for us.



A helping hand.

Our talented communications team draws up tailor-made marketing plans and campaigns for your business. Thanks to a strong and well thought trade marketing, we can help you increase the sales.

Our team are creative storytellers and devoted guardians of the brand who make sure it is always our priority.

Everything is better with a great story.


Our showroom

Dubai Silicon Oasis - Light Industrial Units, LIU 6 - Office D7 & D8

Happy partners

A professional company trading beyond common business standards ...

A company with a vision, vision for the future, vision for the coming generations ...

A cooperative team running around the clock to offer the best assistance ...

A commendable example of leadership and drive ... 

Zahi Succar

Country Manager


We highly value our partnership with MAPYR for the sale of Childhome products in the Emirates. They always manage to present our products in a clear and effective way with a creative approach. MAPYR has been an excellent partner for many years, and we are confident that Childhome will keep on growing in the UAE for the years to come as well!

Cedric Rodrigues

Head of International Sales


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